Laminate Flooring Innovations

Laminate Flooring Innovations

The Latest in Laminate Flooring innovations

Laminate flooring is a popular type of flooring that has been with us for over 30 years. However, much has changed and the first panels are nothing like what we can find on the market today. Floor Giant has been keeping up with innovations in laminate flooring and has been an active participant in this evolution. Below we present some examples laminate flooring innovations that helped shape the industry.

Resistance to abrasion: Corundum, a crystalline mineral sprayed in powder form on the surface of products, is used to strengthen the surface layer of Laminate panels. Overlay technology is used to make an abrasion-resistant layer on panels, offered in classes AC3, AC4 and AC5. This allows to provide a no-scratch warranty of up to 30 years for residential applications.

Deep wood structures: panels are [produced with a deep structure that provides a perfect imitation of wood grain. Offered in both shiny and matt finishes, as well as brushed wood interpretations.

Synchronized structures: A synchronized structure is a sort of “bas relief” perfectly matched to the wood image (e.g. a synchronized structure emphasizes the arrangement of tree rings).

3D synchronized structures: Modern technology for producing metallic matrices to imprint structures facilitate the creation of a texture that not only provides the deep structure of brushed wood, but also highlights its depth through the use of shine, matte and half-matte in various fragments of a given panel. This technology provides a 3D effect to laminated flooring.

With all of the above laminate flooring innovations, we now have a product that not only looks like wood but feels like wood which makes it legitimate to call it sometimes wood flooring or laminate wood flooring

Introducing our New Gold Collection:

Laminate Flooring Innovations
Bright, inspired by Scandinavian styles decors in gray, . The panels are a very graceful element of the finish of small rooms as they contribute to beauty of every room of the interior. The dark, intense decors form an excellent background.

Available in 24 amazing decors.

Available in 8 mm , 10 mm and 10 mm Thickness

Classification: Class 23,33
Abrasion Rating: AC5
Impact Resistance: IC2 & IC3
Fire Rating: Cfl–s1 & Bfl–s1

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