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Miami Logistics Companies

Miami Logistics Companies are numerous, Logistics is big business in Florida, where the broader wholesale trade, transportation and logistics industry employs more than half a million people.

Miami Logistics companies are expected to grow to grow further with the Panama Canal expansion in 2016 and the numerous infrastructure developments and upgrades underway around the state.

Services offered by Logistics Companies

Types of 3pl companies

Transportation Based Third Party Logistics Services

  • Services extend beyond transportation to offer a comprehensive set of logistics offerings.
  • Leveraged 3PLs use assets of other firms.
  • Non-leveraged 3PLs use assets belonging solely to the parent firm.
  • Examples: Ryder, Schneider Logistics, FedEx Logistics, UPS Logistics

Warehouse/Distribution Based Third Party Logistics Services

  • Many have former warehouse and/or distribution experience.

Forwarder Based Third Party Logistics Services

  • Very independent middlemen with forwarder roles.
  • Non-asset owners that provide a wide range of logistics services.


  • Equipment – As part of logistics services, a reputable trucking company relies on a variety of equipment as a way of meeting the needs of every customer. Double-drop flatbed trucks are a perfect example. These trailers have both a lower and upper deck, making them ideal for hauling overweight loads.
  • Dedicated Trucking Routes – You will also find that the best local trucking companies in the USA focus on taking dedicated routes. Not only does this streamline the process, it also usually results in shorter distances. Because of that, you will save money and have the assurance needed that your load will arrive as scheduled.
  • Expedited Shipping – When looking for the best trucking company, consider those that offer expedited shipping. Compared to standard trucking services that take days or even weeks to deliver goods, expedited shipping gets your freight to its destination much faster.
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