non slip flooring

Non Slip Flooring

Non Slip Flooring is key to safety in any home. While many homes enjoy the beauty of finely polished hardwood floors, shiny tile or gorgeous granite, these materials also create potentially dangerous situations. Hard, smooth flooring is very easy to slip on, especially when water has been spilled. Consider replacing these hazardous flooring materials in your home, or adding non-slip accessories to increase traction.

The moment you apply water to many surfaces, the level of texture does not mean anything. The floor has to meet certain standards to qualify as non slip.
Many High rise buildings require that the floor is tested for non slip before it is considered as non slip flooring.

What is non slip flooring

Many homes feature hard flooring in some portion of their interior. Tile, marble, vinyl or linoleum are often placed in the same rooms as sinks, showers and bathtubs, increasing the chances of slipping. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are frequent areas for slips and accidents, due to poor footing on slippery flooring and/or water spills.

If you don’t use material such as rubber matts or rugs to prevent slipping, you might consider:

Stone floors, try slate, a rough though beautifully colored stone that does not become slippery, even when water is spilled on it.
You can also try chiseled edge travertine or non slip porcelain tile with coefficient of friction higher than .6.

Anti-slip sprays and paints can be purchased from companies like the National Slipfix Company, and are applied to tile, ceramic, porcelain, unfinished concrete and some types of marble and granite. The spray or paint is applied directly to the flooring, after having been thoroughly cleaned. Left to sit for approximately 15 minutes, the spray or paint is then washed away, leaving a coating of anti-slip coverage over the flooring. Though the treatment will need to be reapplied over time, it is a less expensive option for slip resistance over replacing existing flooring.


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