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Natural stone flooring, might be expensive however, provides the most elegant and most durable floors. Natural stone floors can be selected in granite, marble, limestone, slate or travertine.

Granite : Granite is the hardest and most durable of the stone floor choices. Granite is also a popular choice for kitchen counters.

Marble, another popular and very elegant natural stone, formed when limestone crystallizes as a result of being subjected to high pressures and high temperatures within the earth.
Marble is slightly more porous than granite, and therefore is somewhat more susceptible to staining. In fact, even water can stain marble if not wiped up immediately.
Marble is also used in Kitchen Countertops especially in Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Limestone is slightly softer than marble and therefore is less rugged in high traffic areas. To combat this, limestone must be professionally treated and sealed by the manufacturer. Liquids of all types can cause staining, and must be wiped up immediately. As a natural stone, the colors tend to range in the color families of gray, beige, gold or pink. Limestone has a more casual, homey and rugged look than either marble or granite.

Slate flooring is another popular stone flooring choice. It is versatile: in an elegant décor it looks elegant, while in a rustic décor it looks rustic. Slate is formed deep in the earth, usually in mountain ranges. It has its origins in shale. Under certain heat and pressure circumstances, the shale becomes slate. The colors common to slate are in variations of gray, black, brown, blue, purple, green and red.

If you are interested in shopping online for natural stone flooring, perhaps the most cost effective method is to buy the flooring online and then hire a certified local installer to install the floors. Of course, if you have the experience and knowledge, you could also install the floors yourself. When searching online for the best deals, you might try using some of the following keyword search phrases:

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